What is a Learnership?

  • A learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Learnerships combine a structured learning programme with practical work experience at a company, government department or small business.

What are the benefits of a Learnership to employers?

  • Improved skills for employees
  • B-BBEE points on the scorecard for Skills Development.
  • Increased productivity of employees.
  • R 80 000 tax concession for each learner on a learnership e.g. 10 employees on a learnership = R 800 000 tax concession.

Who do we contact for a learnership?

  • We are able to implement learnerships at your organisation.
  • Project Manager the Learnership from start to finish.

SETA Aligned Learnerships

Learnerships provide an opportunity to work while studying towards a nationally recognised qualification. Our policy is applicable to all learners who enter into a learning programme or learnership and covers various issues, such as:

  • Exposure of learners to opportunities available to them.
  • Pre-exit guidance.
  • Proper induction of learners into programmes, information resources, counselling and guidance and advisory services.

Learners are valued clients of M TECH Training Consultants and their success is therefore very important to us. A holistic approach to training and development is therefore preferable to ensure high levels of success.

  • Learners shall be introduced to the NQF and the opportunities to build a lifelong career.
  • Learners will be guided in every aspect needed relevant to the training, throughout their training at M TECH Training Consultants.

Our Learnership Programmes include:

National Certificate: Construction Roadwork’s 24173 3 155 CETA
General Education and Training Certificate 49411 1 120 CETA
National Certificate: Professional Driving 50285 3 122 TETA
Further Education and Training Certificate: Public Administration 57824 4 146 PSETA
National Certificate : Public Administration 50060 5 141 PSETA
Further Education and Training Certificate: Production Technology 58779 4 143 MERSETA
Further Education and Training Certificate: Environmental Practice 50309 4 140 LGSETA
National Certificate: Environmental Practice 49752 3 122 LGSETA